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inspire: African Forum for Development Assistance (AFDA)

inspire: African Forum for Development Assistance (AFDA) :   African Forum for Development Assistance (AFDA), is a local non-profit, non-governmental and non-sectarian organizatio...

inspire: Somalia inaugurates elected president after 20 yea...

inspire: Somalia inaugurates elected president after 20 yea... : Somalia's new president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud took office on Sunday, calling for an end to terrorism and piracy in a nation mired in con...

Somali government condemns the suicide attack at the national theatre

The Somali Government strongly condemns a suicide bomber that killed 4 people and injured over 10, including a member of the Somali parliament and three journalists at an event in the National Theatre that marked the 28th anniversary of the Somali National Television.

Somali Sports Officials Killed In Theatre Bombing

Somalia's Olympic committee and football heads are among 10 people killed in a suicide blast in Mogadishu. Somali PM Abdiweli Mohamed Ali was also present when the attacker struck the newly re-opened national theatre, but he told the BBC he was unhurt. Al-Shabab militants say they carried out the bombing.

8 march world women and somali women day Celebration like never seen before


Somalia: Turkish Airlines begins flights to Mogadishu

Turkey's PM has said he wants to challenge the idea that Mogadishu is a no-go area The first major commercial airline in more than 20 years has landed at Mogadishu airport in war-torn Somalia. Turkish Airlines says it is the start of a regular service to the Somali capital, the first by an international carrier from outside East Africa. Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bosdag was on board the flight, which was welcomed by the Somali president. The twice-weekly flights should make travel easier for Somali businessmen and members of the large diaspora.

Will the London conference help Somalia?

People recalled that there have been some 20 international conferences on Somalia since the collapse of central authority in 1991, and that they have achieved very little. Not another big, expensive talking shop, many Somali-watchers thought. But since then, there are a couple of signs that this one might be different. So everyone is free to image his view about critical and ongoing problem of Somalia and the outcome of this conference?????????????????????? We need your comments Thanks


They say younger generations are the future leaders of tomorrow. Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global non political association based in the Diaspora whose major goal is to unite the hearts and minds of the Somali students and professionals and to get them work together by empowering the Somali community with knowledge and education back home and prepare them to be self sufficient by making use of the rich locally available resources.

Youth Peace Building in Somalia



The U.N. special envoy to Somalia moved to Mogadishu on Tuesday for the first time in 17 years, signaling international support for a government fight against Islamist rebels’   preparations for the election this year. High –level officials from the united nation have been passed in Kenya capital of Nairobi since 1995 because of security concerns, although its political office for Somalia had few political officers in the capital Mogadishu. Al Qaeda- linked Alshabab militants withdraw from most of their passes in Mogadishu last august after sustained pressure from Somalia and African union troops, but violence still grips many parts of the country.

Invitation to all NAYD Somalia members

An invitation has been sent to all NAYD Somalia members to become authors for their new country page. The message reads as follows: The Blogger user Network of African Youths for Development has invited you to contribute to the blog: NAYD Somalia. To contribute to this blog, visit: You will need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation and start posting to this blog. If you do not have a Google Account yet, we will show you how to get one in minutes. If you accept (and it has to be a google account) then you will be able to upload photos, articles, notices and anything else that you think is relevant to youth-led sustainable development.  To add content,  sign in  using your google account at the top right, and then click on ' New Post '.  You can edit your post anytime using the icon that looks like a pencil.  ANYONE can leave messages on the chatline on the  RIGHT  s