The U.N. special envoy to Somalia moved to Mogadishu on Tuesday for the first time in 17 years, signaling international support for a government fight against Islamist rebels’   preparations for the election this year.
High –level officials from the united nation have been passed in Kenya capital of Nairobi since 1995 because of security concerns, although its political office for Somalia had few political officers in the capital Mogadishu.
Al Qaeda- linked Alshabab militants withdraw from most of their passes in Mogadishu last august after sustained pressure from Somalia and African union troops, but violence still grips many parts of the country.

In Mogadishu, U.N. special representative for Somalia ambassador Augustine Mahiga arrived at airport where the U.N flag was raised. Mahiga was due to meet the president Sheikh Sharif Ahmed African union force officials.
The U.N said the move signals its commitment to support Somali leaders who adopted political road map in September that is meant to lead to parliamentary and presidential elections in August ending a series of fragile transitional governments.
‘’its historic to bring the U.N. back in Somalia the secretary general told me I should go and join you to make the road map a reality, ’’Mahiga said as he handed a letter from U.N chief Ban ki – Moon to the Somali president.
Speaking in the presidency later, where Somali men preformed a traditional dance, Mahiga called on U.N agencies and other countries to send their representatives to be passed in Somalia.


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