They say younger generations are the future leaders of
tomorrow. Worldwide Somali Students and Professionals (WSSP) is a global non
political association based in the Diaspora whose major goal is to unite the
hearts and minds of the Somali students and professionals and to get them work
together by empowering the Somali community with knowledge and education back
home and prepare them to be self sufficient by making use of the rich locally
available resources.

In order toachieve this, WSSP is engaged in its first global effort by mobilizing up to
1,000 Somali Professionals and Students to go back to Somalia in June 2012 for
a 2-3 month period. The purpose of this program is to pass on knowledge in
three core areas and to make the local people more self-sufficient. The three
areas that will be the focus of the program are: Agriculture, Medicine and
Despite all thechallenges and political turmoil Somalia is going through, there is a silver
lining that depicts a greater nation restored by the learned Somali youths
around the globe. With clean heart and common objective, young learned Somalis
are making progress in the re-awakening of the Somali community by establishing
movements that aim at re- building their nation and restoring the peace and
dignity of the great nation through the power of knowledge and education.
While manySomali diaspora are known for supporting political movements based on clans and
regions back home aggravated by the overwhelmingly growing self autonomous
regions in Somalia, young Somali youths all over the world have shown a very
different approach through significant nationalism and patriotic organizations
that is free from tribalism, color, origin and injustice. They constantly take
the lead in all global events and campaigns that is channeled to the wider
Somalis as a whole.
For instance, In August 2011, WSSP mobilized its global
network of members and supporters to feed Somalis affected by the worst drought
seen in East Africa for over half a century. It is also worth mentioning that Somali
diaspora youth organizations have been tirelessly engaged in supporting the famine
stricken people in Somalia. They had been and still are organizing community
events and fundraising projects and awareness campaigns about the situation of
their home country.

It is said that many diaspora generations tend to feel more loyalist
than those in the country. Arguing that those in a broad have seen what it
takes to live in a foreign country thus always they miss the freedom and beauty
of their nation.

Having all these diverse Somali youth organizations in thediaspora all striving to bring a change to their war torn country means a lot
for the future of Somalis. However, the best thing to do is to unite all the
different groups into one huge complex young learned Somali movement with balanced
executive body. This can be started by calling general meetings for all and
sharing ideas, experiences which would lead them into unity therefore becoming
stronger, more efficient and can make their work easier and faster.


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