Somali government condemns the suicide attack at the national theatre

The Somali Government strongly condemns a suicide bomber that killed 4 people and injured over 10, including a member of the Somali parliament and three journalists at an event in the National Theatre that marked the 28th anniversary of the Somali National Television.

The Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, attended the event with a number of other cabinet ministers, and remarked “The cowardly act of terrorism by Al-Qaeda will not deter us nor prevent us from doing our responsibilities.” He added “It indicates the terrorist desperation to attack civilians when we defeat them in the battlefront.”

Also, the minister of Information, Posts and Telecommunications, Abdulkadir Hussein Mohamed “Jahweyn” whose ministry was the principal organizer of the event, called the attack barbaric and an act of cowardly. 

Speaking to Radio Mogadishu, the Minister said, “We condemn this terrorist attack on our event today in the National Theatre, which expresses the hatred of the extremists against our people.”

Among the dead were two prominent representatives of Somalia to the Olympics. A member of parliament was injured lightly, but three journalists and two other civilians are in critical conditions.

The government expresses its heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, especially to the sports community who are mourning for the loss of two great leaders.

The attack occurred when the terrorist groups are on the run across the country as government troops are winning the battle. Despite the attack, security agencies remained alert over the last several weeks, foiling attacks and capturing suspected individuals with ties to Al-Qaeda groups in Somalia.


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