NAYD Meeting goes to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been chosen to host the first Network of African Youth for Development (NAYD) Summit, an international summit which seeks to achieve a road-map for sustainable development in Africa by African Youth.
The summit will be held in July 2013 and will gather some two hundred of African youths.
Addis Ababa has the largest representative number of African institutions in the Continent. The city has dramatically varying levels of wealth, and a complex mix of youth unemployment, poverty, public health and other issues. Indeed even if Ethiopia achieves an increase in its economy a lot still needs to be done to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).Hosting NAYD Summit in Addis Ababa will be an opportunity for all these African young people
to reflect on how to work on sustainable development in the continent. It will also be an opportunity to share successes and challenges on a regional level while engaging local actors in their various countries
The Summit is being organized by NAYD in partnership with the Ethiopian Youth Ministry, the African Youth Decade Alliance (AYDA), the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) and other partner organizations.
NAYD’s members, mostly youth in the African region are excited towards this development and eager to work towards a better and sustainable Africa for all.
For further updates, watch this space or or alternatively follow the Summit website.


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