What concrete steps/ mechanism should we put in place to address the issues of security in local communities?

SOYDEN suggest and recommend the following point to set up:

Formation of Security Council of all levels-
1.       Village Security Council
2.        District security council
3.        Regional security council                                                                                                                                                             
Strengthening of the above Security Council
The following person should include member of Security Council
1.       Famous and popular person  in the community
2.       Religious person
3.       Elected council
4.       Youth and intellectual person
5.       Chief tribe
6.       Association like farmers association
7.       Elders
w   Women
g .  IDP's

. Regular meeting of biweekly for village security council
.monthly meeting of district Security Council
.Regional meeting of Security Council every two month
.Log frame and action plans must be established based on the minutes of above meetings
.preparation of project proposals on peace keeping efforts
.funding allocation s
. Implementation of projects
.strict supervision, auditing and evaluation of positive impacts for the projects

What has been the role of your organization in transforming civil conflict in your country?
SOYDEN, which consist of 11youth organizations throughout the southern Somalia, played an outstanding role to minimize the hostility and created an attractive environment for the transformation of civil conflict in to a more stable  Somali communities. The activities so far accomplished by SOYDEN are mainly concerned to small scale projects with limited funds. Some of these small scale projects are written below:
. Peace education course is being integrated to curriculum of school subjects
.Establishment of youth clubs in main cities.
.Local radio program on peace initiatives
.Youth awareness not to be the fuel of wars but become power of transformation
.Rewarding youths who accept the policy gathering places
.Peace slogans and banners to erect public gathering place
.Upgrading the knowledge of youths
.Supporting voluntary patrolling security units established by the communities
.Advocacy of pension policy to be adopted in Africa
.Youth employment generating projects
.Establishment of vocational training centers

The above projects are not attractive a large communities but small residents localities. Therefore, SOYDEN is currently designing a large scale project which will definitely draw the attention of the majority  of Somali communities. This project is mainly concerned on holding PEACE CUP TOURNMENT of The regions that comprise Somalia. Eighteen teams from the eighteen regions of the country will be hoisted in Muqdishue to compete for the peace cup. As you can see , this is Avery pleasant project regarding civil conflict transformation  .In fact, it is a life saving project because it changes from the battle grounds to playgrounds so that thousands live of youths are saved and at same time million of youth mentalities are treated by putting down the gun and play the football.

What kind of structure does you want to see in place that will seek to promote a culture of peace in Africa.

The list points written below are the suggestions of SOYDEN in regard with the above question:
.E establishment of Africa Peace Day
.The celebration of this day should be invited the flowing:
1.       Africa Youth organizations
2.       Leaders of Africa countries
3.       UN and relief agencies
4.       Representative of EU
5.       Well known human right activities.
.Africa Peace Day should be celebrated in every year and the venue must be rotated to the member states
. Peace programs in Africa must be supported
.Unification of markets of neighboring Africa countries
.Unification of currency in Africa countries whose markets are unified
.Follow up of action plans and the implementing project

What resource do we have (human, time, logistics, financial, research institution etc.)
SOYDEN youth organization from Somalia would like to overview the above factors about resource one by one:

.Human resource
      The below list are the potential peace builders
1.       Victims of civil wars such as orphans, disabled persons and widows
2.       Rich men and well known local companies to donate
3.       Warlord, who quitted fighting behavior and become apron-peace
4.       Youth organizations who must be the vanguard of peace campaigns
5.       Women and human right organizations
6.       Teachers of schools
7.       Civil societies organizations
8.       Religious preachers
9.       Institution authority or government

The time required is variable in accordance with the type of peace activities planned to launch. Some of activities can be understood without difficulties. Other activities are difficult to approach and as consequence it will imply unlimited time and budget. Therefore the time requires depends upon  many factors and the most important is to have an adequate  knowledge about the proposed activities. Nevertheless, time is the key issues of success of any project because t will affect the budget and strategy of implementation.
   The means of transportation that are necessary and sufficient to have might perhaps be airlines, vehicles, motor, biker and boat etc. Therefore, we have to purchase several buses naming peace bus where most of our slogans are fixed in such manner that the public can read our slogans and the persuaded to join voluntarily in our plight to fight against insecurities and support the peace programs.


Every work entail time and finance .To run peace project, financial inputs are compulsory. Cash flow based on the knowledge of the proposed activities will smooth out delays and the peace project will be competed  as per scheduled.
Who is the donor of peace project in the beginning?
The donors will be external in the first stages of the projects. When profits and advantages are tasted by the local communalities’, then we shall design a strategy for local donors as partner to external donors. The bottom line here is to formulate a powerful strategy both for fundraising and strict supervision of project implementation. Otherwise go fast rich philosophy of this century will definitely undetermined the creation of ANY which id beneficial to African and those friends who invest.

Research institution

The problem in Africa in regard with conflicts and peace demands concrete thoughts of researchers who are either African or Europeans. In other words, combined thoughts of both scholars and well done research will at least bring half of the solution of problems at hand. On other half, a well supervised and implemented project of peace activities will solve the whole problem. To select the institution and researchers who will formulate policy and procedures to  stop this man made disaster is nor either uneasy matter. Therefore.  Accredited institutions and open minded researcher who can digest ideas and analyze alternatives are off vital importance for the success of the ongoing peace projects
What are the sustainability plans to make our dream comes true?
In order for a project to be sustainable, the beneficiary community should be able to carry out the following:
.Know- how and transfer of knowledge to the technicians of the community
. Local fundraising, contributions, or fee for the service of the proposed project
. Competent management of the project when handed over

The above point illustrates that training and educating the community is very important to considered during the project planning. Another useful notion is that the community must actively participate the ongoing project, this means that method to obtain funds from local community should be established in  a  such way that the implementing project is sustainable


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