Bay Supreme Youth Council

Organizational Profile
Name of the Organization:          Bay Supreme Youth Council.
Type of the Organization:            Governmental Youth Development  
                                                          Organization for Regional Level
Date of establishment:                  15th may 2009.
Date of re-establishment              01-January 2013.
Head quarter:                                 Baidoa-Somalia
Operation area:                             The whole region
Contact:                                Email /
Mobile +252-615-549617 / 0695294033 / 062294033
The Slogans of the Organization
1.     Union of the Youth is the Unification of the Nation.
2.    Respect anthem, remember nationality is the only way to reach good governance that results etiquette, decorum and good goals.
3.    Teach your teenagers goodness, discipline and all decencies remember good trees can produce good fruits which tastes sweetest and helpful to other community.
4.    Develop your nation and cares your people remember respecting your neighborhood is the best way to get honour and is a key to create inter relationship between world community and your nation.
5.    Be good and do well till it becomes a habit.
6.      If an individual of Muslim were to commit an act of terrorism, this person will be guilty of violating the laws of Islam.
Bay Supreme youth Council is youth Developmental and governmental organization for regional level which established by young people in every kind in January, 2013 and working under the Somali National youth council. The National youth union is established for dealing with young people’s need and the wellbeing of young people is partly underpinned by their ongoing social and personal development, recent evidence suggests that in addition to family background and circumstances, personal and social skills developed in youth are a key factor in the determination of overall life chances. Such skills can be attained through participation in constructive, structured activity and have been linked to a range of positive outcomes for young people.
Bay Supreme youth Council will be empowering young people and looking for them ‘their rights such as somewhere to play, somewhere to learn, attaining equal employment opportunities and. The policy of the UNION aims to provide young people with a range of opportunities and activities to improve their life chances. Ideally, service provision for this age group is personalized and differentiated to cater to the specific needs of young people from a variety of communities and backgrounds.
Bay Supreme youth Council of bay region will also be dealing with Youth Matters: Stresses the importance of the ‘joining-up’ and creation of partnerships among agencies and organizations that work with young people and promotes taking an integrated and holistic approach to providing services to address young peoples’ needs. This means that
Agencies and organizations providing services to young people do not work in isolation, but rather share information that allows each provider to be aware of the many influences on a young persons’ life, so that efforts are not duplicated and opportunities are not missed. In accordance with this policy, any service provided for young people should also aim to be inclusive and to overcome any barriers to the participation of groups that have historically been left out, such as young people living in rural areas, those from faith groups or minority ethnic groups and the disabled.
Bay Supreme youth Council believes that this policy concerns for the well-being and social inclusion of young people will create a historic opportunity for the young people in Somalia. The development of programs and services for young people here, integration exists at the level of the young person where agencies work in partnership to cater to their individual needs.

True to the Youth Developmental spirit, Bay Supreme youth Council is committed to alleviate youth Development Programs and integration of the Community wherever it may be, regardless of the ethnicity, gender and origin. It is our duty to speak out against the evil of injustice and poverty and provide help to the needy.  At the heart of The Bay Supreme youth Council work lays the impetus and drive to tackle the root causes of youth problems and stresses. 
Our mission is to develop solutions to combat youth through the region to empower young people and their communities to live in dignity and independence. The achievement of hope, tolerance, & social justice in right realization in Somali community by improving their position in the society, thereby improving their condition
·        The objective of organization is to unite all youth organization in the region to deal with all youth needs and problem in the region.
·        To pave the way equal opportunities of employment for all young people in the region.
·        To develop our nation and care our people, remember respecting your neighborhood is the best way to get honour and is a key to create inter-relationship between our community and government.
·        Help consolidate the peace process and economic recovery of the country. This will be achieved through increased capacity building and improving young people’ life to engage in supporting local production, thus reducing their dependency and helping them to move towards sustainable livelihood.
·        Support the local communities in the establishment of sustainable social services through support of education, enhancing awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and promotion of public health services.
·        Improve the technical and business management skills of young people through appropriate/marketable training in the hand skills fabricating, electricity, food processing, manufacturing. etc 
·        Support in demobilization and reintegration programs for promoting employment opportunities, Emergency/disaster preparedness and respond.
·        Lobbing and advocacy for peace, Human right and rule of law


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